The terrace bar in downtown Santiago that attracts tourists

Looking for a place to release stress and forget about routine for a moment in a terrace bar in downtown Santiago? Get to know the terrace of the Magnolia Hotel.

In downtown Santiago there are several destinations for tourists to enjoy a night of relaxation and fun. But what better place than an open space in the heart of the city.

Hotel Magnolia is a world-class boutique hotel located in downtown Santiago. This place has become a true legacy for architecture, thanks to its unique design and style.

Its rooms and common areas are the result of an environmental decoration that keeps the essence of the 1929 mansion where the hotel is located today.

Get to know the terrace bar of the Magnolia Hotel

But that’s not all, the hotel has other fascinating spaces for its visitors: On the seventh floor is the terrace bar, whose space has tables and armchairs for visitors to spend a moment of total relaxation.

There are 80 square meters of outdoor space with a pleasant ambient music and a beautiful view of the Cerro Santa Lucia. What better way to end the week in that place!

What to eat and drink on the terrace?

If you are going to share a drink, we recommend you to order the Roses Clery because it is a good looking and tasty cocktail. What are its ingredients? Chardonnay wine, natural orange juice, rose syrup and a touch of lemon.

Wines and sparkling wines are also available on the menu.

If you are accompanied by your friends or partner, we recommend the Magnolia platter, which includes house empanadas, meat skewers, avocado pebre, goat cheese with papaya chutney, Serrano ham, salmon tartare, crab cake, native potato chips and tostadas.

Do not miss the experience of being in this incredible place and share a pleasant moment with the best company. Check the menu on the hotel’s terrace.

To go to the hotel’s terrace it is important that you make your reservation in advance. The hours of operation are Monday to Sunday from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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