Gastronomía terraza bar hotel magnolia
In our home, sustainability is not just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. We are convinced that every little action matters, and that’s why we commit ourselves to doing everything possible to care for our planet.
For instance, we ask all our guests to reuse their sheets and towels during their stay, thus protecting an essential natural resource for everyone: water. We use high-quality sheets and towels, which don’t wear out easily, so we don’t have to replace them constantly. Of course, when we do wash them, we use environmentally friendly detergents. Something that fills us with pride is that the towels and sheets we no longer use, we donate to charitable organizations. In this way, we give them a second life and prevent them from ending up as waste.
To keep our hotel clean, we use products that are kind to Mother Nature. And we can’t forget about our water dispensers, which eliminate almost all viruses and bacteria. We leave courtesy water bottles in each room and our guests can refill them whenever they want. Of course, the bottles are made of glass, to take care of the planet.
Our bathroom amenities are from a local producer, all-natural, chemical-free. We make a special effort to recycle glass, plastics, cardboard, and even oil. Because we know that every little bit helps to make this world a better place.
Speaking of clean air, there’s no smoking here. This way, we maintain a healthier environment for our guests and take care of the environment. In all our rooms and common areas, we use LED bulbs to consume less energy.
We even have a small organic garden, full of plants, vegetables, and flowers, which we use to prepare dishes for the restaurant and bar. We love the idea of being able to offer fresh and local products to our guests.
And we don’t just care about the environment, we also care deeply about people. That’s why we train our team to understand the importance of working sustainably. We also love collaborating with the local community.
For all these reasons, at Hotel Magnolia, we don’t just want to offer you a comfortable place to rest, we also want to show you that it’s possible to do things differently, respecting our planet and all the creatures that inhabit it.
Live the Experience, Live Magnolia.