It’s time to get together with your friends and enjoy an unforgettable night together! At Hotel Magnolia, we have created the “Ladies Night Out” program to offer you a unique experience full of fun, relaxation and exclusive delights for you. The program includes:

Were you thinking about an outing with friends?

Nothing better than a getaway to enjoy friendship and delicious cocktails and room service at Hotel Magnolia.

Science says it, you should go out with your girlfriends.
The responsibilities of being a working mom take up a lot of your energy. You don’t have time to relax, share experiences, ask for advice and laugh when hanging out with your best friends. It is proven that if you are distracted you will have better health and a longer life. That’s why your body asks for a break.


According to a recent study conducted at Oxford University, going out with your girlfriends is a “healthy habit” that allows you to renew energies lost during the daily routine. The benefits of going out with your friends are many. Psychologist Robin Dunbar, who led the study, told The Vancouver Sun that a woman’s health and well-being are improved if she hangs out with her four best friends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an evening full of laughter, conversation and special moments with your friends in the charming atmosphere of the Magnolia Hotel. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience and to make sure you feel pampered and spoiled throughout your stay.


program includes

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