Luxury Hotels in Santiago Chile

To Find Luxury hotels in Santiago Chile is not as easy as you can imagine. Santiago is a modern city that has experienced enormous economic growth in recent years. Chile’s economic growth has allowed the development of a luxury hotel industry comparable to other luxury destinations in the world.

Now, Santiago is a sophisticated city with plenty of great luxury hotels. But, if you’re looking for something special with incredible views, impressive amenities and service you need to read this post.

Rooftop bars and restaurants

Santiago has great views of the Andes Mountains range. That is why the most luxury hotels in Santiago Chile have a rooftop terrace to serve exclusive drinks and sophisticated food. It’s really a special experience to enjoy a chilean sophisticated wine while looking at the snow over the andes.

Several hotels like the Ritz Carlton, Noi Vitacura, Singular Santiago, Mandarin Oriental Santiago or
Hotel Magnolia Santiago
offer different and exclusive luxury services. Pool and bar, exclusive suites,
deluxe rooms with balcony
rooftop terrace, exclusive chilean premium wines,

Lastarria Quarter

The Lastarria neighborhood is also known as Bellas Artes. It is located in the northeastern corner of the commune of Santiago, in the center of the city. The neighborhood is an active cultural, gastronomic and tourist center. In 2018 it was considered one of the “coolest neighborhoods in the world” by the travel section of the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia

Some of the luxury hotels in Santiago Chile are located the Lastarria quarter. We suggest visitors to enjoy the hotels, the sophisticated world class gastronomy and the chilean wine experiences in exclusive bars and restaurants. After or before starting visiting Patagonia, Easter Island or Atacama desert in Chile, visiting the Lastarria is a must in your luxury travel experience.

Luxury suites in singular Hotels

Luxurious details are seen in singular suites. We suggest you select authentic Chilean style suites. For example, the arrangement of black and white marble tables, handmade serigraphs on premium wood that show elements and iconic characters of Chile, as well as bathrooms with walls and floors covered in travertine marble that make suites in an environment full of exterior and interior nuances.

On the other hand, there must be enough room that reveals details of luxury, design and textures to guarantee the best comfort to you. This area features a bathtub that offers guests a unique alternative for relaxation.

Awarded Chilean wines

Chilean wine has a great history that starts from the times of the Spanish colony. For more than 500 years Chilean wine has experienced a great sophistication that has allowed the production of wines of the highest quality worldwide.

A luxury hotel in Santiago must offer the best
Chilean wines, awarded worldwide
. It must also offer the services of sommeliers willing to share this fantastic experience with customers.

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