Kitchen & Bar Magnolia

The Magnolia Kitchen presents week by week unique dishes, inspired in the deepest roots of our country.

We invite you to embark on a sensorial journey guided by our Chef Claudio Zuñiga, who through his creations, will delight your palate and your senses.

Our bar offers a menu inspired by exotic ingredients and refined techniques.

Working Hours Monday to Saturday, 11.00 to 23.00 hrs
Visit us in Huérfanos 539, Santiago, Chile.

Weekly Menu

Fish with salad and plum vinaigrette.
Terrine of vegetables with poached egg.
Seafood soup.
Homemade antipasto with sausage, cheeses and grilled vegetables.

Main Dishes
Smoked pork with homemade chips and sauerkraut and meat sauce.
Gnocchi with pesto with grilled vegetables.
Chicken in Tandori sauce with Basmati rice.
Fish of the day with Gastric mandarin and mashed carrots with fried beans.

Suspiro with chocolate.
Raspberries with sour cream and beetroot biscuit.
Huesillo cream.
Roasted fruits with ice cream.

$ 18.900.- clp with VAT included.

Includes 1 soda or water.
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