Kitchen & Bar Magnolia

The Magnolia Kitchen presents a weekly changing menu using seasonal and fresh ingredients. Our Chef delights guests with his modern takes on Chilean cuisine and the creative use of Chilean ingredients, which will awaken your palate and your senses.

Working Hours Monday to Saturday, 11.00 to 23.00 hrs
Visit us in Huérfanos 539, Santiago, Chile.

Weekly Menu

Vegetable soup.
Green salad with roast beef.
Antipasto to the plate (with cake of potatoes, bruquetta, cheeses, salame and vegetables).
Roasted octopus (with peppers and garlic roasted with cilantro).

Main Course
Fetuccini to the gardener
(sautéed mushrooms, pomodoro sauce and fresh basil).
Ravioli ají de gallina.
(Stuffed pasta with Peruvian chili pepper and creamy sauce).
Stuffed turkey
(with salmon shrimp and mashed medieval onion confit and pepper sauce)

French chocolate mousse.
Leafy cake with homemade delicacy and lemon ice cream.
Roasted milk with Berry ice cream.
Strudel of pears with vanilla ice cream.

$ 18.900.- clp with VAT included.

Includes 1 soda or water.
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