Good restaurants in Santiago: Choose from these options

We made a list of some restaurants, including those that offer the typical food of our country.

Here we share with you some options of restaurants that offer unique dishes, with cuts of meat, national preparations, signature cocktails and signature cuisine.

Restaurants in Chile not to be missed

In the heart of downtown Santiago, two blocks from Av. Bernardo O’Higgins and a 5-minute walk from the Bellas Artes subway station is Hotel Magnolia.

A world-class boutique hotel that welcomes foreign and domestic tourists. Staying there is like going back to the 1920s, thanks to its design, style and decoration.

Their services and experiences oriented to couples, couples, people who want to celebrate their birthday and even executives are really fascinating.

The hotel has a restaurant, whose cuisine is prepared by renowned chef Alexander Dioses, known for his work in restaurants such as La Mar and CostaMía.

The hotel restaurant is located on the second floor. Guests or visitors can have lunch or dinner at refined tables (most of them made of marble) under imposing and beautiful chandeliers by the renowned English designer Tom Dixon.

On the same level you will see a cellar of Chilean wines with a fine selection that includes Carménère, Carbenet Franc, Carbenet Sauvignon, Carignan, among others.

Apart from the restaurant, there is the terrace located on the seventh floor of the hotel, a comfortable and spacious open-air space.

The hotel’s menu offers a variety of dishes inspired by international as well as national dishes.

Among its appetizers are salmon tartar, ceviche, tostones magallánicos. If you are looking for a different main course, there is southern hake, Atlantic shrimp, BBQ pork ribs, grilled tenderloin with vegetables.

To come to the restaurant of the Magnolia Hotel, located in Huérfanos 539 Santiago, it is not necessary to stay at the hotel, but it is important that you make your reservation in advance. You can do it online,
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  • Boragó

Restaurant that managed to be among the Top 50 restaurants in the world according to the British magazine Restaurant (in 2015), achieving the 42nd position.

Rodolfo Guzmán is a renowned chef not only in Chile, but also in Latin America.

Guzman rescues national products throughout the country, including those used by the Mapuche people. It aims to bring together 100 percent natural ingredients. How? With the support of input collectors, historians and anthropologists.

The water served in the restaurant is obtained from rainfall in the Chilean Patagonia. The milk is milked by themselves (natural breeding) and the fish and seafood are obtained directly from fishermen.

Boragó restaurant is located at Av. San José María Escrivá de Balaguer 5970, Vitacura.

  • Ambrosia Bistro

Founded by the outstanding national chef Carolina Bazán, who was recognized in 2019 as the Best Female Chef in Latin America by Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Ambrosía Bistro invites diners to get to know a different proposal with affordable prices, close attention and an open kitchen where attendees can see how the preparations are made.

This restaurant has become a reference for signature cuisine, what does this mean? In this case Carolina Bazán makes her preparations based on her own experience and inspiration, achieving a personal style.

Among its dishes, it offers starters such as kimchi, pork croquettes, steak tartar. There are also sandwiches, hamburgers and main courses such as pork brisket, lamb ragu or mole cheeks.

The restaurant is located at Nueva de Lyon 99, Providencia.

  • Restorán Sarita Colonia

In honor of Sarita Colonia – a young woman considered a popular saint by the people of Peru – the restaurant was named after her.

The restaurant, located in the Bellavista neighborhood, offers gourmet Peruvian cuisine (causa limeña with olive octopus, grilled conger eel ceviche, Sarita lomo saltado, steak tartar with Andean herbs and many more).

If you are looking for Peruvian food, without a doubt, this is an excellent place that delights with the typical flavors of Lima.

The restaurant is located at Loreto 40, in the Recoleta district.

  • Mulato

This restaurant is located in the Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro in the Lastarria neighborhood and offers a different and innovative proposal. Its market cuisine includes fresh products and is inspired by the flavors of the Chilean soil, the sea and nature.

The menu offers starters such as: ceviche from the market (with catch of the day), oysters, shrimp, fish of the day, crab, mussels, spider crab in a cilantro and chive sauce, among other alternatives. Ideal to accompany it with a white wine.

Among the fish are southern hake, fish of the day, albacore, permit and conger eel. As for meats, there are lamb chops, pork ribs, chicken breast and beef fillet.

The restaurant is located at José Victorino Lastarria 307, Santiago de Chile.

  • Backyard

From renowned chef Benjamin Nast, De Patio is a restaurant that brings an innovative and disruptive proposal. They claim to break away from the traditional patterns of haute cuisine.

Its essence lies in preparing simple food, but without leaving the provocative touch. Would you like to know their preparations?

Another option is the restaurant Demencia, which has the same style as De Patio and behind it is also Benjamin Nast.

De Patio restaurant is located at Av. Vitacura 3520, Vitacura. Santiago de Chile.

  • Le Bistrot

French chef Gaëtan Eonet’s restaurant offers exquisite traditional and homemade dishes of French cuisine.

The restaurant located in Providencia, recommends its best specialties:

  • Confit Canard (homemade duck confit with confit potatoes and mushrooms)
  • Spécial Bistrot, breaded camembert with bacon, contres, sautéed mushrooms, croutons and lettuce
  • Filet de Boeuf, beef fillet with roquefort sauce, pepper sauce, garlic butter and parsley.

The restaurant is located at Calle Santa Magdalena 80, local 7, Providencia.

Don’t miss the typical food

  • La Casa Vieja

A restaurant that aims for its diners to enjoy Chilean cuisine and good food. In December, La Casa Vieja celebrates 42 years of attention and service, where its generous and varied dishes respond to what everyone is looking for in a restaurant: price and quality.

This restaurant has a varied menu of typical Chilean food. The dishes offered include: poultry casserole, corn pie, chupe de locos, smoked ribs, caldillo de congrio, arrollado with boiled potatoes and pebre.

If you have never tried Chilean food, we recommend it 100%. Try the Creole cuisine, La Casa Vieja is in charge of innovating with its recipes and delivering a good service.

In Santiago there are two locations of La Casa Vieja. One is located at Av. Vitacura 8411, Vitacura and the other is in Av. Manuel Montt 1631, Providencia.

Taste the best empanadas in Chile

At the end of August of this year, the Circle of Gastronomic Chroniclers of Chile held a contest to award the best empanadas in Chile.

This year approximately 60 empanadas competed. As is tradition, the jurors in charge of tasting and evaluating each empanada did so “blindly”, that is, they had no prior information about the people in charge of their preparations.

The empanadas were graded according to three main criteria: The dough, the pine, the empanada as a whole (aroma and flavor).

Who were the winners?

  • Amasandería Rosalía, located at 15521 Pastor Fernández Street, Lo Barnechea.
  • Doña CataFine Pastry Shop, located at Av. José Pedro Alessandri 1351, Ñuñoa.

  • Don Guille
    located at Gorbea 2554, downtown Santiago.

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