Looking for a coffee shop in Lastarria, Santiago, Chile?

Find a coffee shop in Barrio Lastarria. Coffee is the perfect ally to share pleasant moments with friends, especially when they meet after a long time.

Barrio Lastarria is a tourist destination that receives hundreds of tourists and Santiago residents looking for a good time in pubs, restaurants and cafes.

In the heart of downtown Santiago, very close to the Barrio Lastarria, is the boutique hotel called Hotel Magnolia. A place built in a 1929 mansion, full of history, charm, luxury and comfort.

The Magnolia Hotel is world class and welcomes foreign and domestic tourists. Staying there is like going back to the 1920s, thanks to its design, style and decoration.

Are you up for tea time? The hotel invites its visitors to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea, coffee, lemonade or hot chocolate.

And to accompany your
there are sweet and savory: Crossaint, macarons, mini muffins, tapaditos, portions of cake, kuchen, galletones and slices of cakes.

The cafeteria is open until 7:00 pm. It is not necessary to stay at the hotel to enjoy good service and a truly fascinating place.

Since 2016 opened its doors, the hotel has strived to deliver the best experiences with fine and luxurious details.

The teatime tableware carries a true work of art in painting made in Japan. Very fine and elegant for a special occasion. Would you like to meet her? Come to tea at the Magnolia Hotel (until 7:00 pm), located at Huérfanos 539, downtown Santiago.

  • Wonderland Café

Located in the Lastarria neighborhood, Wonderland Café invites its visitors to try an afternoon tea (a traditional English tea), a drink (delicious milkshakes) or a delicious breakfast-brunch.

It is a magical place, which takes you to live the famous tale of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Wonderland Café has the experience of The Secret Roomwhich consists of a special service, which can be for 2 or up to 10 people. The banquet includes: main menu, side dishes, desserts, sweet and savory appetizers, juice and unlimited tea.

Where is the coffee located? In Rosal 361, Santiago, Barrio Lastarria.

  • Castillo Forestal Restaurant

The well-known and famous restaurant located in the heart of Parque Forestal (very close to Barrio Lastarria) also offers cafeteria service to its visitors.

This highly regarded Parisian Brasserie delights its diners with preparations that include national ingredients and typical French recipes.

Among its options to accompany tea, coffee or juice, it offers sandwiches, slices of cake, fruit tarts, tarte citron, coffees, viennois, natural juices and fresh lemonades.

The Castillo Forestal Restaurant is located on Av. Cardenal José María Caro 390, Parque Forestal, Santiago.

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