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Rapa Nui

Welcome adventurers, to the captivating allure of Rapa Nui, a mystical and remote volcanic island nestled in the heart of Polynesia, and proudly under Chilean stewardship. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other, where ancient wonders and traditions await your discovery. Step onto the island and be entranced by its timeless charm. Rapa […]

An afternoon in Lastarria in Santiago: Where to go and what to do?

Do you know the Barrio Lastarria located in downtown Santiago? If not, we recommend a visit to this renowned neighborhood of the capital. Barrio Lastarria has become a must-see destination for tourists. Especially for those who come to Santiago de Chile for the first time. Where is it located? Barrio Lastarria is a tourist destination, […]

Looking for a hotel in Lastarria, what options are there?

If your next destination is Santiago, we recommend staying in a touristic, central and cultural neighborhood. Barrio Lastarria is a must-see destination for tourists coming to Santiago for the first time. The neighborhood surprises its visitors because it gathers restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, stores and cinema. A cultural and architectural district Barrio Lastarria has been […]

Wedding nights at a hotel: Experience an unforgettable evening

After a wedding celebration, where the bride and groom have a moment of great celebration with their loved ones, friends and guests, a well-deserved rest in a comfortable and quiet place is not a bad thing. However, if you prefer to have a night of love, where you can reaffirm your bond with your husband […]

Looking for a coffee shop in Lastarria, Santiago, Chile?

Find a coffee shop in Barrio Lastarria. Coffee is the perfect ally to share pleasant moments with friends, especially when they meet after a long time. Barrio Lastarria is a tourist destination that receives hundreds of tourists and Santiago residents looking for a good time in pubs, restaurants and cafes. Magnolia Hotel Cafeteria/ Tea Time […]

Luxury hotels in Santiago: What makes them so special?

Learn about the characteristics of a luxury hotel. If you are thinking of choosing this type of hotel and know which is the best option in Santiago. What are the characteristics of a luxury hotel? Luxury hotels provide an exclusive service, maximum comfort and first class service. The attention they provide is generally personalized, ensuring […]

Plan your next romantic getaway in a boutique hotel

romantic getaway

Live unique experiences for your wedding night or weekend getaway. In the center of Santiago is the Magnolia Hotel, a mansion built in 1929, which has luxury rooms and other spaces such as the restaurant, bar and terrace, whose space will allow you to enjoy a pleasant time outdoors. Its exclusive design, allowed it to […]

Restaurants in Santiago: Chilean or international food?

Get to know the restaurants in Santiago with diverse gastronomic proposals. Here are some alternatives that may be to your liking. Foreign tourists when they visit Santiago de Chile do not want to miss the opportunity to taste the typical dishes. They usually look for preparations whose ingredients are local and rescue the roots of […]