Best bars in Santiago to go with the best company

A night out in the capital, where you can have a good time and toast with the best cocktail, has to be in a good bar.

Now that spring is beginning and more pleasant days are coming for outdoor panoramas, we recommend some bars in the city, which are chosen by Santiago residents for their good cocktails, good atmosphere and style.

In the heart of downtown Santiago, two blocks from Av. Bernardo O’Higgins and a 5-minute walk from the Bellas Artes subway station is Hotel Magnolia.

A world-class boutique hotel that welcomes foreign and domestic tourists. Staying there is like going back to the 1920s, thanks to its design, style and decoration.

Their services and experiences are truly fascinating.

On the second floor of the hotel there is a bar and a Chilean wine cellar with a fine selection including carménère, carbenet franc, carbenet sauvignon, carignan, among others.

On the terrace, located on the seventh floor, there is another bar next to a comfortable and ample outdoor space.

If you go to the terrace of the Magnolia Hotel, we recommend the Rose Clery cocktail, which has a mix of freshness with chardonnay wine, natural orange juice, a touch of lemon and rose syrup. Thanks to its taste and good look, it has become the most preferred.

The attention provided by the hotel is personalized, close and pleasant. As a boutique hotel, its staff takes great care to make visitors feel at home.

To come to the bar of the Magnolia Hotel, located at Huérfanos 539 Santiago, it is not necessary to stay at the hotel, but it is important to make your reservation in advance. You can do it online by completing the following form.

  • Bocanáriz

Bocanáriz is a renowned wine bar and restaurant. In 2012 it became the first wine bar in the country.

The restaurant offers its visitors a “wine experience” with around 280 labels.

It also has a store with a showcase of Chilean wine, including signature wines, classic wines, breakthrough wines, fruity, exotic and many more. Quite a variety!

Tourists visiting the bar-restaurant will be able to take part in some experiences and learn more about the history of wine: wine tasting, wine workshop and wine pairing dinners.

Bocanáriz is located at 276 José Victorino Lastarria Street, Santiago.

Referred to as the bar of the Kross brewery. If you want to try beers of this type, you will find national and international beers in schop and bottle format.

Among its beers are the classics (Golden, Pils, Stout and Maibock), specials (which have an additional ingredient), experimental (brewed in limited volumes and some of them only once a year) and pilots (depending on the success and preference of its public, they could be brewed a second time during the year).

In Santiago there are three Krossbar bars, two of them are in the Providencia district (Barrio Bellavista and Orrego Luco), and the other two in Las Condes (Borde Río and Mall Sport).

  • Chipe Libre

They call themselves restaurant and pisco bar, as the Independent Republic of Pisco. Chipe Libre has promoted pisco as a perfect accompaniment to dishes with explosive flavors.

Immersed in the bohemian and very busy Barrio Lastarria, Chipe Libre receives hundreds of tourists who want to try piscola, pisco sour and other cocktails.

In its menu you will find distillates, wines and non-alcoholic drinks. Its address is: José Victorino Lastarria 282, Santiago.

  • Bar La Virgen

Specialists in signature cocktails and Chilean tapas. Bar La Virgen invites its visitors to spend a pleasant moment in its terraces, which are characterized for being their own, authentic and festive places.

To share with friends, Bar La Virgen recommends ordering the Melon with wine or a Sangria. Undoubtedly, the best option is to accompany it with a board (for example, Tabla La Virgen, which includes mushrooms, shrimp, ceviche de reineta, onion, meat, and goat cheese).

In Santiago there are four locations of Bar La Virgen. In La Dehesa, Providencia, Las Condes, Vitacura, downtown Santiago (Barrio Lastarria).

With all the punk vibe El Pulento Joe opened its doors in 2020 to bring a disruptive proposal to Barrio Lastarria.

Founder Ben Wood, the so-called craft beer guru, invites attendees to choose from the 60 varieties of beer he offers.

On August 12, 2022, on their social networks El Pulento Joe posted a notice informing that the location is temporarily closed, but that they will be opening very soon. In the meantime, they are preparing new surprises for their visitors.

Pulento Joe is located at Padre Luis de Valdivia 338, Santiago.

  • Restorán Sarita Colonia

In honor of Sarita Colonia – a young woman considered a popular saint by the people of Peru – the restaurant was named after her.

The restaurant, located in Barrio Bellavista, is no slouch when it comes to cocktails. The menu offers: white sangria, red sangria, sour macerated with blackberry, red fruits, lemon verbena, coca leaf or apple cinnamon and of course the traditional pisco sour.

If you are looking for Peruvian food, without a doubt, this is an excellent place that delights with the typical flavors of Lima.

The restaurant is located at Loreto 40, in the Recoleta district.

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