Barrio Lastarria: Where to go and what to eat?

If you are looking to celebrate in a special way, either for a romantic dinner or for your birthday, come and discover the gastronomy of the Magnolia Hotel.

Delight yourself with exquisite and sophisticated dishes.

The Magnolia Hotel -located on Huérfanos Street- has a bar and restaurant. There you will be able to taste unique dishes, combining exquisite ingredients and refined techniques.

This exclusive hotel is not only concerned with providing an excellent stay to its guests. It also offers unique experiences for those who wish to share a romantic dinner, celebrate their birthday or share with friends.

If you are planning to celebrate and experience a memorable moment, check out our
the menu
of the Magnolia Hotel. Among its diverse dishes are ceviche, grilled pork loin, Magellanic tostones, Atlantic shrimp, pork ribs, among other exquisite preparations.

Enjoy a cocktail on the terrace

The Magnolia Hotel has a terrace that provides a space with ambient lighting, ideal for enjoying a delicious cocktail with the best company.

From there you will have a view of Cerro Santa Lucia and the commune of Santiago de Chile, an ideal setting to propose marriage, celebrate love or share with friends.

Check out the
cocktails and bar menu
and choose from exclusive cocktails and a wide selection of Chilean wines.

What attractions are close to the Magnolia Hotel?

Barrio José Victorino Lastarria is a tourist destination, declared a typical zone since 1998. The neighborhood is located between Plaza Italia, Cerro Santa Lucía, the Alameda -Santiago’s main thoroughfare-, Parque Forestal and the Mapocho River.

If you want to know one of the most visited places by tourists in Santiago, visit the iconic and beautiful Barrio Lastarria.

A neighborhood where culture and fun converge

Barrio Lastarria has also become a cultural space and a place with important architectural buildings. One of them is the Veracruz Parishdeclared Historical Heritage in 1983. It was built between 1952 and 1957.

Another important building in the Lastarria neighborhood is La Casa de Los Torreones (by the renowned architect Luciano Kulczewski). There are also two buildings on Merced Street, one of which is known as La Gárgola.

One of the main attractions of Barrio Lastarria is the pedestrian promenade, which starts at Rosal and goes all the way to Merced Street. There you will find a fair of antiques, handicrafts and books.

Very close to the pedestrian walkway and the Veracruz Church is the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, in the heart of the Alameda. This cultural complex, located at the exit of the Universidad Católica subway station, has various spaces for meetings and cultural and academic activities, as well as exhibitions.

Barrio Lastarria, a place surrounded by museums

One of the corners destined to culture, theater, dance, poetry and music is the Mulato Gil de Castro Square, built in the 19th century. This place was remodeled by important architects, however, it preserves the original style.

In this square is the Museum of Visual Arts with a collection of 1,400 works of Chilean artists and 5 exhibition halls. The Museo Arqueológico de Santiago, which includes pieces from native peoples and contemporary art.

Nearby, in the Parque Forestal, is the Museum of Contemporary Art. This space has a Chilean art collection of more than two thousand pieces, whose works are by young Chilean artists.

The Museo de Bellas Artes, the first art museum in Latin America, is located on José Miguel de la Barra Street. This museum has an artistic heritage of more than 3,000 pieces.

If you are looking for a hotel in downtown Santiago, we recommend Hotel Magnolia. It has modern rooms, a
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and an outdoor terrace, which will provide an ideal space to celebrate unforgettable moments.

The hotel is located among restaurants and cafes, a 5-minute walk from the Bellas Artes subway station.

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