Chile Luxury Hotels


Chile has several Luxury hotels at the top level of the travel industry. All of them are located in Santiago or surrounded by the Andes Mountains in beautiful natural places. Luxury and boutique hotels in Chile can offer you spa treatments, excellent gastronomy, world class wines, fine dining and spectacular natural sites to view and visit.  

Luxury hotels and Resorts in Chile


The relative wealth and strong outdoor tourism growth over the past 15 years in Chile has built up a stable of world-class luxury hotels. Some of its neighbouring countries in South America have not. 

Chile is a skinny country between the Pacific and the Andes Mountains range. Now you can choose between either luxury hotel choices or custom upscale adventure tours that are above the norm. You can generally expect good wine experience, good service, and a high level of English proficiency the hotels and resorts

Chile hotels and resorts by tourist atractions 

Atacama, driest Desert on earth

The Atacama desert is one of the most attractive places to visit in Chile. Known as a perfect destiny for outdoor travel. Trekking, MTB, hikes and horseback riding. We suggest you to discover the Atacama Salt Flats. You can hike up to Licancabur and some other volcanoes. If you like horses, please have a horseback ride through the desert. You can visit de Tatio Geysers and enjoy the Puritama. 

You can choose a Luxury travel hotel between the following: Explora Atacama, Hotel Cumbres de San Pedro, Alto Atacama, Tierra Atacama Hotel & SPA. All of them deserve the luxury hotel and resort qualification. 

Rapa nui and Easter Island mysteries. 

Easter Island is a land full of mysteries in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Rapa Nui people made the unique Moais as part of their religion and culture. The moais are part of the mysterious myths that exist on the island, such as the myth of the birdman.. They used an old volcano as a quarry.  They developed stone carving skills to build the moais around the Rano Raraku Volcano. 

There are just two hotels who can be considered as Luxury hotels & resorts. We suggest you choose between Explora Rapanui and Nayara Hangaroa.  Both are great hotels with 5 stars level rooms, excellent local gastronomy and tours around the island. 

Torres del Paine National Park

It’s located in the Chilean Patagonia at the south part of Chile. In this well known park you can find glaciers, rivers, lakes and the wonderful “Cordillera Paine”.  The “Cuernos del Paine” is also well known for its magnificent beauty. Adventure tourists also visit the Grey Glacier, the W trek, wich is a circuit surrounding the Cordillera Paine, reaching magnificent views from the Cuernos del paine base.  

Andes Mountains Range

Is the longest continental mountain range in the world. The range is 8,900 km (5,530 mi) long, forming a continuous highland along the western edge of South America. The Andes extend from north to south through seven South American countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

Chile has been elected one more time as the “Best World Adventure Tourism Destination” at World Travel Awards 2021. During 2016, more than half of the foreign tourists who arrived in Chile declared that the main reason to choose Chile as a tourist destination is nature, landscapes, Chilean flora and fauna.

Visiting Santiago de Chile

The international airport in Chile is located in Santiago. Normally, international tourists set Santiago as a “start point” to visit different adventure destinations. Santiago is a modern city. It has museums, high level restaurants, great wine experience bars, and wonderful sights of the Andes Mountains. 

Boutique and luxury Hotels in Santiago

The Magnolia hotel in Santiago is a luxury hotel in the centre of the city. It’s an exclusive hotel with luxury suites and rooms and a high level service. It is located in the Lastarria quarter surrounded by high level restaurants and museums. Very well communicated to the airport and set to bring a perfect rest after or before the adventure tours in Torres del Paine, Atacama desert or Easter Island. 

We invite you to see the magnificent Magnolia suite. The Magnolia Signature Suite is a private oasis in the middle of the city of Santiago. It takes place in a space that has two environments, the foyer welcomes the living room where you are greeted by a rest space with designer furniture and a dining room where you can enjoy our cuisine.

We sincerely hope you can have a luxury experience visiting Chile. Welcome to Chile

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